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At XCMG ARC Center, we keep a close eye on state-of-the-art high-performance machines and the demands of the current market. Thus helping us drive product development.


With our understanding of the North American markets, we track down international technological trends for use in construction machinery and evaluate them in terms of their quality, design, functionality, as well as their efficiency. We plan advanced development and prepare feasibility studies, simulations, and problem solutions at the machine level. Always taking into account the entire powertrain and all relevant subsystems, such as mechanics, transmission, and hydraulics.

Within the XCMG Group, we are proud to be the core pillar when it comes to understanding, identifying, and evaluating specific technical customer requirements, as well as implementing and maintaining technical standards in North America.

Marketing analysis includes product and marketing orientation parts, which conduct quantitative research into areas related to product performance measurement, profit and loss measurement, and users’ satisfaction attributions. Specifically, we will analyze the market and user's needs in detail, towards technology-driven products to help drive the comprehensive value Through this aspect we can meet our users' needs. 

Financial Research Analysis can provide research insight of marketing analysis to help recommend investment strategies by collecting futures market data to predict cost/price trend heavy machine manufacture materials, estimating the value of heavy machine industry financial securities and analyzing investment measures.Transform and interpret financial market data to identify potential opportunities to build and improve pricing models. Assist in determining US market investment amounts using both US and international financial market data and analyze a range of daily stock prices for heavy machine industries to find optimal investments timing, amount, and scope of materials and related products.

Image by Markus Winkler
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